About Us



Royal International Co., Ltd. was established SDN 06 January 2015. Co. We are proud to be one of the head unit in the field of buying and selling - export and import of products Granite - Marble - wall tiles, floor tiles ... high quality, diverse types and specifications how and designs are popular and prevalent worldwide.


Before its establishment, the company's board of directors with experience in the field of stone and brick on the five-year training as well as working in Eastern Europe. Visit the stone industry exhibition, visit the quarries in the UK, USA, Italy, Spain, Pakistan, Turkey, India, Germany, Brazil, Egypt, China ... where many technology high to produce all kinds of products Granite - Marble - wall tiles, floor tiles ... achieve international quality standards. With a passion for stone industry and look forward to bringing our customers a luxurious space, with elegant stone products. The company's board of directors we never stop learning, research in your country to find out the product, the type of Granite - Marble - Gemstone - wall tiles, floor tiles ... with the best quality, most reasonable price given to Vietnam to serve the needs of customers, and to apply a series of high-tech technology to perform construction works on stone.


With the motto of "Quality and Service is leading" the management team - engineering - design consultant professional, enthusiastic and hundreds of skilled workers. Besides, we also have many partners systems located in many provinces and cities in the country has helped us always timely service to customers anytime, anywhere.


Our products are diverse, stone sizes, ... installation works and according to the customer's design with reasonable price to meet customer needs in the areas of construction works on stone: staircase, kitchen, front ...


During the last time our company is growing and developing in part thanks to the cooperation and input of interest and enthusiastic support of our customers. We are always receptive and constantly improve services to meet all our customers' needs at home and abroad, always consider the needs and interests of customers above all else. It is also the driving force to promote our company and the creation of high-quality products bring to the market the quality stone products with various designs and superlative machining techniques for installation for large and small projects at home and abroad make up the beauty and elegance, mystery, great.


With the capacity, the experience has been confirmed. ROYAL SDN always look forward to cooperating with all construction contractors, customers at home and abroad in all fields provided, design, construction and installation of works from products made of granite.